How it Works


ToucanWin is a penny auction site that offers great deals on popular items like electronics, travel and more. How it works is that bids cost just $1 and can be bought in bid packs in the bid store. These bids are prepaid and stored in the bid section of your account. Every time you make a bid, it will be deducted from your remaining bids and will increase the auction price by only one cent. WE ADD Up TO 20 seconds to the timer when a bid is made. This allows another user to bid if he or she is interested. It's like the auctioneer shouting “Going once...Going twice...SOLD!” at a traditional auction. And just like a traditional auction, you win by being the last bidder.

Once you have paid the final auction price and shipping costs, the item is yours! 

Here's the part that isn't like a traditional auction: If you don’t win, luckily for all of our bidders who fail in their quest to purchase an item at AUCTION—we offer Buy Now! When using this feature--We subtract THE cash value from each bid placed (excluded voucher offers) and ALLOW YOU TO PAY THE DIFFERENCE.

Welcome to, the penny auction site where you can win big prizes for just a few pennies! Here's how our bidding system works: All of our auctions start at $0.00. All auctions will have a reserve price that must be met in order for the auction to be considered "Live". Each bid placed adds 1 penny to the auction price. When the countdown clock reaches 10-Seconds the countdown timer will add 10-seconds each time a new bid is placed. If no new bids come in during the next 10 seconds, you win! So what are you waiting for? Start bidding now! Good luck! Bidding with us is not only fun but it's also very easy and entertaining! Just follow these simple steps to get started on your way to buying the items you want at up to at 20% - 95% off!


Sign Up and Buy Bids

Registration is completely FREE! Once registered you can purchase bid packages that range from $10 to $1000.

Purchasing bids in order to take part in an auction is a pretty simple process that just about anyone can do. You'll need to have a payment method ready, whether that be a major credit card or one of our other payment solutions. Once you have that set up, you can purchase bid packs which come in various sizes. These will add to your account's Bid Balance, which you can check at any time. If you're running low on bids, you can always purchase more or bid on a bid pack in one of our many auctions! So get out there and start bidding!

Place Bids

Bidding is easy. Find the item your interested in and click BID to put yourself in position to win the auction. Your placing of a bid adds seconds to the clock allowing other interested bidders to place a bid. If your the last one who placed the bid when the clock runs out. You're the winner.  Don't forget to stock up on bids before you get started!

Win Items

Winning on is easy. No matter what you participate in, we've got you covered! From winning the auction for crazy low prices, to using our special "Buy it Now" feature. 

Just follow these simple steps to get started on your way to buying the items you want at up to at 20% - 95% off!

1. Register

If you want to bid on those items you’ve always wanted and get a sweet deal, you´ll need to register first. Registration is free and very easy. After you register, you will receive a confirmation email. Make sure to click the link in this email to confirm the set-up of your account. Register for free.

2. Buy Bids
Each bid costs just $1. You may purchase “Bid Packs” of 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1,000. accepts multiple payment methods, including: Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Your bids are stored in your Bids Account and are refundable. Register for free.

3. Choose Products
We have mind-blowing deals every day on!  What auction are you interested in?  A Vacation, a brand new Gas Scooter, Kids ATV or maybe a Gift Card? Look through our many exciting categories, decide what you want and start bidding! Register for free.

4. Place bids to win!
Click on the 'Bid' button to place a bid. Each time you place a bid, deducts one bid from your Bids Account, and we add time to the clock. We add time to allow for other users who might want to win an auction item have an opportunity to place a bid. If you are the last bidder when the timer reaches zero, YOU WIN! is the only entertainment auction site you can win goods for next to nothing and get rewarded for it. We have designed our site to function under "pay per bid" feature. Just as if your present at a live auction, the term going, going gone. The same method applies on Toucan Win but in the form of a count down timer.  

What is Buy Now?

Thanks for considering the Buy Now feature! With Buy Now, you can buy any product at any time during the auction, or up to 2 hours after the auction is over, by clicking the Buy Now button on the auction page. The value of all bids placed in an auction is applied to the retail price, so voucher bids used in an auction do not count towards the Buy Now price. There is no limit to the Buy Now feature, so the auction will continue even if a user chooses Buy Now. Thanks again for considering this feature!
You must bid at least once in an auction before you're able to use the Buy Now option. The Buy Now price will never go below $0.00, because ToucanWin prevents users from spending more in Real Bids than the item's retail price. For example, you can't place $105 worth of Real Bids in an auction for an item with a $100 value price. On ToucanWin, you will never pay more than the retail price for a product you want. If you choose to Buy Now, you can pick from any of our amazing products that are available in that particular auction. Thanks for bidding! If you're looking to get the best deal on your purchase, the Buy Now feature is the way to go. Your discount is calculated based on the number of real bids placed and the bid price. So the more bids you place, the higher your discount will be. Shipping and taxes (if applicable) are added to the Buy Now price. The Buy Now price is updated every time you place a bid, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible deal.